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Quality Focus
A Passion for World-Class Quality Standards
That Has Fueled Unprecedented Success

If there is one universal hallmark of iNautix, it is our unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards in every endeavor. At iNautix, we have and will always continue to maintain our strong dedication to being the best customer-centered organization in our industry by embracing a peerless quality culture that incorporates a continuous improvement in methodologies, processes and policies. With institutionalized quality procedures and a constant flow of feedback from our practitioners, we consistently upgrade and improve our existing framework. The process improvement cycle has been further enhanced by bringing in the global best practices from the industry and quality models like CMM, PCMM, and COBIT are also being implemented.

Our pledge to quality is embraced at all levels of the organization and we firmly believe that our quality systems constitute one of our most valuable organizational assets.

Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for software provides software organizations with guidance on how to gain control of their processes for developing and maintaining software, and how to evolve towards a culture of software engineering and management excellence.

The People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM) measures how effectively an organization manages its professional force. The motivation for the P-CMM is to radically improve the ability of software organizations to attract, develop, motivate, organize, and retain the talent needed to steadily improve software development capability.

End-To-End Automation
The people existing within a quality culture must be supported by an infrastructure of systems, training, measurement and total organizational involvement. Recognizing this requirement, the entire process framework at iNautix has been implemented with the assistance of tools.

Managing By Measurements
Quantitative measurement spells "Omnimetrics" at iNautix. The entire process of collecting data, organizing and depicting the information in charts for statistical analysis and generating reports is achieved with the help of this tool.

Product Lifecycle
At iNautix our relentless pursuit for perfection is powered by structured processes and methodologies. Software development follows the Pershing Project Life Cycle (PPLC) or BNY Mellon Software lifecycle model as appropriate. Compliance to the life cycle model is an effort to deliver high quality solutions to our customers on time, on budget and to specifications

Software Quality Management

The Software Configuration Management group at iNautix ensures that quality assurance oversights and controls are in place in order to deliver quality, timely, cost-effective solutions. At iNautix, the need to deliver reliable, secure, usable and functional (defect-free) software is recognized and Software Quality Management strives to achieve this task.

The Software Quality Management group is functionally divided into:

- Quality Assurance (QA)
- Distributed Software Configuration Management (DSCM) and
- Change Management (CM)

Environment Process Flow - Diagram

Quality Assurance (QA)

All QA operations are designed to ensure delivery of desired, reliable and trustworthy products. Primary responsibility of the group includes defect detection, reporting and involvement in the early stages of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) thereby contributing towards defect prevention as well.

In addition to enabling end users to participate in testing, the following types of testing are carried out:

- Installation Testing
- Functional Testing
- Operational Testing
- Performance Testing
- Recovery Testing
- Data Integrity Testing
- Documentation Testing
- Regression Testing
- Automated Testing

Distributed Software Configuration Management (DSCM)

DSCM ensures the integrity of a software product and makes its evolution more manageable in the software product life cycle. DSCM operations provide software configuration management in software projects thereby providing many benefits including:

- Increased development productivity,
- Parallel development,
- Better control over the project,
- Source code reusability,
- Better project management,
- Reduction in errors and bugs,
- Faster problem identification and bug fixes, and
- Improved customer goodwill.

Change Management (CM)

Change Management plays a vital role in a Project's Life Cycle. It not only manages the numerous changes to a project's source code done over a period of time but also maintains inventory of all the changes, enabling the organization to maximize the successful distribution of packages across various platforms.

Quality A Way Of Life- iNautix focuses on effective collaboration and win-win solutions, and delivering top value and service for each and every customer is the foundation of our business. Our solid quality standards are unparalleled & we believe in continuously striving for the highest levels of quality by approaching every project with the same intensity and dedication needed to produce consistently superior work.


A Legacy of Success

Ever since our inception iNautix has maintained a relentless commitment to cutting-edge technological innovation and uncompromising quality. We help develop products designed to improve operational efficiencies
, make planning more dynamic and realistic, make monitoring and evaluation simple, secure and methodical, increase productivity, enhance delivey performance and....

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