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Performance Evaluation and Promotions

People continue to be our most valuable asset and at iNautix, talent is recognized via multiple platforms . Apart from a robust reward program, our performance evaluation and promotion processes serve to recognize individuals for their inventiveness, contribution, commitment, and achievement as they progress in their careers. Our end-to-end automated performance evaluation process ensures a fair, objective and robust system that helps our associates grow and thrive.

Performance bonuses and salary reviews form part of our monetary recognition systems to recognize and reward performance, exhibiting the right attitude and accomplishing set goals.

The promotion process is absolutely fair and objective since the activity is championed by promotion committees. Committee members consist of employees across the organization who have a reputation for strong management skills and are viewed by their peers as knowledgeable about our business outside of their respective areas.

Awards: If you are a talented and committed worker, we will find an avenue to recognize your contribution. Let's look at some of the award programs institutionalized at iNautix


STAR Award

  • Recognize and appreciate special efforts and outstanding contribution on an ongoing basis
  • Build a culture of recognition and celebration
  • Encourage repetition of desired behaviors
  • Improve customer focus

Service Awards
This is awarded to associates who have completed milestones in their career growing with iNautix

Project Recognition
Project celebrations are conducted every quarter to toast the success of a project completion, applaud the teamwork and understand how our work has helped improve our clients' business.

We encourage affirmative behavior with several award programs like - I Value You, Leadership Awards, Manager of the Year, Service Excellence, Spot Awards and Extra Mile awards for above and beyond performances.

Apart from iNautix' robust award programs, our associates also become eligible to participate globally in the BNY Mellon award programs that recognizes talent from all 36 locations around the world.

Continuous Learning

iNautix recognizes the inherent value of formal education in equipping oneself to perform the existing responsibility efficiently or to move to a new role. Hence organizational opportunities & support (financial & mentorship) are provided for associates to pursue higher education.

iNautix provides sponsorship for associates to pursue their academic interests in two areas: Technical & Business Administration. While associates with non computer Science background would gain immensely from a degree in Technology, associates who already possess a technical degree have shown keen interest to pursue higher education in Management studies...

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