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To make our associates future-ready, we strongly invest in augmenting talent by providing them with continuous learning opportunities, be it on-the-job, in the classroom or avenues of formal education. Opportunities & support (financial & mentorship) are provided at every step to pursue higher education that would equip our associates to perform better at their current role or move to a new role.

iNautix offers various avenues for pursuing continuing education:

  • Academic programs offered by educational institutions
  • External Certification programs from recognized professional bodies
  • Internal Certification programs offered by iNautix

Academic Programs

iNautix provides sponsorship for associates to pursue their academic interests in two areas: Technical & Business Administration. While associates with non computer Science background would gain immensely from a degree in Technology, associates who already possess a technical degree have shown keen interest to pursue higher education in Management studies.

M Tech @ IITM

Associates of iNautix Technologies may take up the M Tech program in Information technology / Software Engineering at IITM. The program involves 3 years of part-time study, with the curriculum tailored to suit the requirements of the IT industry.


iNautix encourages its technologists to pursue a business management degree to help them understand general management principles and ready them for leadership roles.

Certification Programs

Certification programs offer an objective approach to psychometrics or skill measurement. This in turn, leads to systematic organization of the core competencies, expertise, and professional commitment available in the system. A certification program would determine the level of an associate in knowledge areas relevant to the organization.


  • Certification is an important instrument of Employee Development program
  • Allocation of associates to projects may be done based on the certification level of an associate and the complexity of the project.
  • The right associate may be assigned for conducting the training programs.
  • The right associate may be assigned for conducting interviews (recruitment) and for taking interviews with the clients.
  • Certification may be used for appraisal.
  • Quality of work done would improve.
  • This would pave way for an associate to get equipped in other technologies and to professionally proclaim his / her expertise. Migration to other areas may be handled professionally.

External Certification programs from recognized professional bodies

Apart from the internal certification programs, iNautix also supports associates' quest for getting certified through professional bodies in specialized topics.

Internal Certification programs offered by iNautix

iNautix uses various technologies - UNIX, Microsoft, Java, Mainframe etc and iNautix has its own way of building the products - "The iNautix way", with in-house technologies such as iNautilus, PCFN Framework.

iNautix Technologies being a heavily Securities Industry-focused Organization, a need has been felt to upgrade associates on their Finance domain knowledge. To cater to this need we have developed Internal Certification programs on iNautix-specific technical environment and business needs.


People continue to be our most valuable asset, and our performance evaluation and promotion processes serve to recognize individuals for their performance, contribution, commitment, and achievement as they progress in their careers. Our end to end automated performance evaluation process ensures a fair, objective and robust system.

Performance bonuses and salary reviews form part of our monetary recognition systems. These are designed to recognize and reward performance, for exhibiting the right attitude and accomplishing set goals...

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