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iNautix Community Services
Help them to help themselves

At iNautix we are passionate about giving back to the community around us. The Community Services program at iNautix is a journey towards humanity. To this end, we have established the iNautix India trust to give back to the society around us. We have a series of outreach programs at Chennai and Pune towards development of the underprivileged and marginalized.

The intent of the program is to aid underprivileged children in meeting their potential and becoming self-reliant. This is attempted through promoting quality curricular and co-curricular learning among needy children, to foster their overall development.


  • Identify and mentor a few groups of underprivileged children and track their performance and progress (academic and otherwise)
  • Create awareness among associates the role of Community services in personal fulfillment
  • Provide an opportunity to iNautix associates to pay back to the society what they have received

Activities in brief

  • Tutoring the children in various academic areas
  • Teaching different art forms (Music, Dance, Drawing & Painting)
  • Conducting Quiz programs, awareness programs on First Aid, Protecting our Environment, Counseling and career guidance,Computers, etc.)
  • Science & Culture Quotient - Visits to the museum, planetarium and places of historical importance
  • Art workshops, Sports Meets
  • Health camps & vaccination programs
  • Entertainment (Magic shows, Cultural Programs, Educational movies)

iNautix is keen on reducing the carbon footprint in our communities and participates in several green initiatives to increase sustainability and better the environment around us. These include marathons for environment causes, beach cleaning drives, etc.

Associates @ iNautix

"Teamwork is the fuel which allows ordinary people to attain great results, while the 'key' to a high-performance team is 'Personal Accountability'. At iNautix its all about collaborative partnerships. Even after more than a decade here, I am constantly amazed by the quality of talent in our teams that sparks some great innovative ideas.

- Subramanian Sadasivan- has been with iNautix for 12 years

"iNautix - my first job!!! This firm truly provides every individual a great platform to stay connected with the latest in both business and technology. It's been more than a decade now and every day presents itself as a nice interesting puzzle to solve. This is what I say to every new joinee I meet: Come in, stay and build your career!!!"

Jayaram Iyer - has been with iNautix for 12 years

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