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With the finest talent, world -class infrastructure and coveted heritage, iNautix is one of the best IT organizations in India with global standards to work at. Read along to get a feel of what it is to be an integral part of the iNautix family.

  • You get to work on the new and emerging technologies , garner deep insights into the workings of the global financial & capital markets and work on prestigious client projects.

  • You get unlimited opportunities to learn, evolve and grow to adapt to the demands of the changing marketplace. Associates of iNautix Technologies may take up the M Tech program in Information technology / Software Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras(IITM). The program involves 3 years of part-time study, with the curriculum tailored to suit the requirements of the IT industry.

  • At iNautix, improvement is an ongoing phenomenon - iNautix is assessed at SEI- CMM Level 5. This means you will get the best-in-class talent development and engagement programs to aid you to fulfill your career dreams.

  • It's not just work at iNautix. You will be part of a multi-cultural, diverse family of iNauticians where individuality is appreciated. And what's more there will be a host of in-house activities and cultural fests to increase camaraderie with peers and develop mutual respect.

  • When you become a part of the iNautix family your extended family is also part of iNautix. Apart from the yearly Open House to encourage associates' family to visit iNautix and learn more about us, we also have specific programs that help address the educational needs of the associate's family .

  • Your effort will be recognized. Special efforts, outstanding contributions and innovative thinking is appreciated and recognized on a continual and ongoing basis.

  • We believe in supporting the local communities around us to flourish. As part of the iNautix's Community Services program you can work on multiple projects be it to aid underprivileged children in meeting their potential and becoming self-reliant; or a green cause to save the environment.
Continuous Learning

To make our associates future-ready, we strongly invest in augmenting talent by providing them with continuous learning opportunities, be it on-the-job, in the classroom or avenues of formal education. Opportunities & support (financial & mentorship) are provided at every step to pursue higher education that would equip our associates to perform better at their current role or move to a new role.

iNautix provides sponsorship for associates to pursue their academic interests in two areas: Technical & Business Administration. While associates with non-computer science background would gain immensely from a degree in Technology, associates who already possess a technical degree have shown keen interest to pursue higher education in Management studies...

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