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Best Practices
A Tool Driven Approach to Project Management

At iNautix, improvement is an ongoing phenomenon and this is made possible by the best practices on the process front. iNautix is assessed at SEI- CMM Level 5.

End To End Automation

The people living within the quality culture must be supported by an infrastructure of systems, training, measurement and total organizational involvement. At iNautix, the entire process framework has been implemented with the help of tools. Product and project management, configuration management and metrics happen through these automated channels. Online libraries for process and project documents are maintained.

Managing by Measurements

Quantitative measurement spells "Omnimetrics" at iNautix. The entire process of collecting data, organizing and depicting the information graphically for statistical analysis and generating reports is achieved with the help of this tool. The cumbersome tasks of metrics collection, analysis and presentation are made easy with the usage of this tool.

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Continuous Learning

To make our associates future-ready, we strongly invest in augmenting talent by providing them with continuous learning opportunities, be it on-the-job, in the classroom or avenues of formal education. Opportunities & support (financial & mentorship) are provided at every step to pursue higher education that would equip our associates to perform better at their current role or move to a new role.

iNautix provides sponsorship for associates to pursue their academic interests in two areas: Technical & Business Administration. While associates with non-computer science background would gain immensely from a degree in Technology, associates who already possess a technical degree have shown keen interest to pursue higher education in Management studies...

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